Visiting us or any gay Sauna for the first time can be big step for people.  It's ok, its
everyone's first time at the start!

We at Sweat understand what it can be like,  we have been there and know exactly how you are feeling.  Remember when you are at Sweat you are not alone.   Remember that you are in control.

We understand you're nervous, unsure or even embarrassed! There is nothing wrong in using this venue, it's safe, clean, warm and comfortable. It's also legal and discreet, so nobody need know you visited. The main thing you need to know is to be comfortable no matter your age, size or race.

Don' t be shy to tell us its your first time.  We will happily show you around
before you get changed.

Respect yourself and respect others even if you might find that person totally "not your type".

Now all the boring stuff is done you are free to walk around, explore and play.

If you like someone, choose a room or area and simply make eye contact. They might follow you. If they don't, it might just means you're not their type, no big deal just move on!

This is the most important rule, ALWAYS PLAY SAFE, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. If a guy says he does not want to consider moving to another.. it's not worth it and this guy has no respect for you.  There is information available from staff.

When you leave simply get dressed, return your towel in the changing room, return your locker key, and the crew will let you out.

After your first visit it's easy! You'll be a lot more relaxed next time.



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